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Immersive Gaming Experiences

Evolving content consumption and seamless gameplay

  • Watch live 3D action inside The Cryptoverse’s PvP Dome
  • Thrilling battle royale style combat system for gamers
  • Win2Earn opportunities
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Cross-Reality: Physical X Digital

  • AR/VR/XR/MR Shopping Experiences
  • Virtual store solutions for B2C & B2B
  • Phygital Assets
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Real World Meets Virtual World

The real-world expertise of experienced urban planners and cinematic artists is employed in designing a stylistically unique and immersive virtual world, promoting consistent long-term engagement in an evolving environment.

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Assets In World

  • ChainGuardians’ NFTs as avatars and implementation of popular PFP projects
  • Produced by world-class creatives from game and filmic visual effects studios
  • Customization tools to enhance bespoke experience
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LAND Sharding and Compiling

This feature will afford LAND owners the opportunity to monetize their LAND in different ways, for example: sell part of their originally purchased LAND, rent segments, or more coherently curate or control different experiences. In other words, the LAND Sharding feature affords LAND Owners more flexibility in their approach to monetization and creation.

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Prana System and LAND Clearing

  • Prana is a karmic reputational system which rewards engagement and interactivity
  • Strong Prana grants different levels of feature access
  • LAND Clearing provides good Prana and drives interactivity
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Flexible building tools

  • Intuitive terraforming tools and assets implemented for enjoyable user building experiences
  • Sophisticated modding tool to support importing custom scenes and assets
  • Collaborative building opportunities encourage immersion and social exchange
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Cross-reality: physical x digital assets as NFTs consumable in AR/VR.

  • AR/VR Shopping Experiences
  • Virtual Stores
  • Phygital Assets